Meet Our Company’s Backbone

We are a team of responsible designers, developers, marketers, writers, and strategists driven by passion and enthusiasm to help your business scale and increase your success rate.

We startups and SMBs focus on their internal and marketing business initiatives and deliver them on time and within budget.

Our team will be your business’s technology partner who enables you to reduce your product development risk, build a top-performing, affordable development team that works smoothly with in-house team members.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

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Ehab Ahmed
Ehab AhmedManaging Director
Salma Galal
Salma GalalSenior Business Developer
Mohamed Abd El-Rehem
Mohamed Abd El-RehemBusiness Developer
Naira Elgamasy
Naira ElgamasyBusiness Developer
Rehab Osama
Rehab OsamaHR Manager
Mahmoud Mabrouk
Mahmoud MabroukSenior Software Engineer
Sherief Alaa
Sherief AlaaSenior Software Engineer
Ahmed Samir
Ahmed SamirSoftware Engineer
Gamal Khaled
Gamal KhaledSoftware Engineer
Ahmed Salah
Ahmed SalahSoftware Engineer
Doaa Mohamed
Doaa MohamedSoftware Engineer
Motaz Hejaze
Motaz HejazeSenior Software Engineer
Hossam Elneily
Hossam ElneilySenior Software Engineer
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim AhmedSenior Software Engineer

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

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Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

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